The Process of Funding

We help you set up a safe and secure platform for funding your honeymoon. Allowing you to tailor make your campaign posting pictures or videos of you and your loved one and the destination you wish to go to.

The amount you hope to raise in your honeymoon campaign is set by you. You can check the contributions of your friends when they are made and enjoy at the comments they leave you.

You decide when you want to withdraw your money even if you have not reached your target goal.

Campaigns are subject to PayFast payment processing fees. See below Pricing and Fees table.

Four Quick & Easy Steps to Start Funding

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Step 1

Register Account

Sign up for free to start your campaign. Registration is quick and easy.

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Step 2

Create Campaign

Start a campaign and add your personal story, photos and videos.

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Step 3

Share it!

Share your campaign with family and friends to help receive contributions.

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Step 4

Get Funded

Withdraw the funds you have received even if you don't hit your target.

Create a Downloadable PDF

Create a free printable PDF to include in your wedding invite.

A quick, easy and super simple way to let your guests know about your campaign.

You can write up a little something about your desired honeymoon and include your campaign link. Best of all, you can also add details of your gift registry if you want to.

Print a hard copy and slip it into your wedding invitation.

How to withdraw contributions

FundtheHoneymoon uses PayFast for all payment transactions. PayFast is one of the safest and secure online payment systems in South Africa.

When you create a campaign you can select a day you want the campaign to start and a date where you want it to end.

Withdrawals of funds are only available when your campaign has ended.

• To withdraw click on you user name or go onto your dashboard.
• Select 'withdraw' from the side menu.
• Click on the 'withdrawal preference' button and set your banking details you wish to recieve the funds.
• Finally click the green 'withdraw' button to submit the request.

We transfer to all major South African banks only.

Pricing and Fees

While it’s free to launch your campaign, fees are deducted from each contribution.

Fund the Honeymoon





+ R2,00 + VAT

Example: Your friend contributes R1000 to your honeymoon via Credit Card.
FundtheHoneymoon processes a 4% fee (R40).
Current PayFast transaction fee are 3.5% (R35) + R2 (per card transaction) = R37(+VAT 15%): Total: R42,55.
You receive in total R917,45 towards your honeymoon. For Latest Fees see PayFast Link.

Your friends and family are not charged anything when contributing to your campaign. The only fees applicable are as per above. No other hidden costs involved.