Fairytale wedding

Two lost and broken people who found eachother and became one, two people who almost gave up on love and didn't believe in marriage and happily ever after anymore... 

Is now more ready than ever to tie the knoy and continue their life together. 

Wedding... It sounds so easy BUT unfortunately it is not.. 

To get married one needs funds, and that is something we do not have. 

Both of us are employed but our salaries are for food and a roof over our heads. 

Our families are also struggling financially so unfortunately they can mot help us either. 

We were hoping for a few kind people out there who still believe in true love and happily ever after to help us and make our dream come true. 

It is not in my nature to ask for help but for my fiance amd our dreams there is NOTHING that I will not do. 


Madeleine Kok

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