Shannon & Bruce's Honeymoon Fund

They met together at "Nikki's Care Centre" through friends as young kids at the ages of 10 & 11. This is where they spent their days getting to know each other and even talking about growing old and building a castle together when they grow up. As kids do, they separated, when he went to a different school and they both lived two very different lives.

After spending roughly 9 years apart living their own lives. She was out at a local night club one night and she had Keegan (Groomsmen) approach her and start asking her questions about her relationship life, hitting on her. She then asked Keegan if Bruce put him up to this.

Not knowing what was going on, Keegan went running back to Bruce and told him that he knows her and pulled Bruce towards her. After greeting each other and telling Bruce who she was, he couldn't believe his eyes (He remembered her). They spent the night dancing and enjoying each others company.

He asked for her number and they went their separate ways. She was certain that she would never hear from him again. The very next evening they spent the night together at a nearby bar and got along as if nothing ever changed during the 9 years they spent apart from each other.


Bruce Vorster

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you only have a honeymoon once :)
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